Stockholm Jazz Orchestra “Plays the music of Peter Knudsen:
Nature Spirits”, Do Music Records 2019

1. Siren Of The Woods
2. Dark Creatures Of The Underground
3. Elves Dancing In The Meadow
4. The Mountain Troll
All compositions by Peter Knudsen


Peter Knudsen Kvartett “Peterson-Berger Revisited”, HOME 2013

1. I Skymningen
2. Till Rosorna
3. Lawn Tennis
4. Tempelceremoni
5. Spelman
6. Flöjtspel På Peneios
7. Gångtrall
8. Vid Frösö Kyrka
All compositions by Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, arrangements by Peter Knudsen


Peter Knudsen Eight “Sagas of the Present”, CAM Jazz 2012

1. Kalejdoskop
2. The Emperor Of Portugallia
3. Winter Walk
4. Saga Of The Gingerbread Castle
5. Nuked Present
6. Aurora Borealis
7. Wedding Waltz
All compositions by Peter Knudsen


Peter Knudsen Trio “Impressions- a tribute to Debussy and Ravel”, Found You Recordings 2008

1. Menuet (Ravel)
2. Prélude from Le Tombeau de Couperin (Ravel)
3. The Little Shepherd (Debussy)
4. Serenade for the Doll (Debussy)
5. Forlane (Ravel)
6. Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune (Debussy)
7. Prélude (Ravel)